The Speaker of the House of Representatives (HoR), Agilah Saleh, has warned of the possibility of a new parallel government emerging in the east, noting that he does not want to see more division.

In a statement on Tuesday to Reuters, Saleh considered that the Government of National Unity failed to unify the Libyan institutions and turned into a Tripoli government, calling on it to pay attention to the obligations of the two dissolved governments, pointing out that “if the elections are postponed, we will go back to square one and to the turmoil of 2011”.

He also considered that the government's proposed budget of 100 billion dinars was too large, and expected approval of 80 billion dinars.

Saleh noted the difficulties facing the unification of the army due to external interference, saying that the elected president is the one who decides the matter of foreign forces and mercenaries in the country.

Commenting on the failure of the Geneva talks to reach the approval of a constitutional basis for the elections, Saleh said: “there is no need for the 75 members of the committee to meet”, stressing that they have a constitutional declaration and that they do not need to turn around and waste time or bargain, as he put it.