The House of Representatives (HoR) has issued a decision allowing law enforcement agencies to prosecute foreign residents in Libya who do not have proper authorization.

Under the resolution, anyone who has entered the country on a valid visa and has stayed longer than they were permitted to, as well as those who reside in Libya under irregular conditions, will face imprisonment and a fine.

"Every physical and legal representative of legal persons shall be punished with imprisonment for no less than five years and a fine of no more than 10,000 dinars," the decision stipulates.

The decree also applies to locals who offer foreigners shelter and employment or help them enter Libya without informing the competent authorities that they are settling in the country.

The new resolution allows authorities to close the businesses of any legal person who violates this Act, strip them of their license, and confiscate all property and funds generated from such practice.

Migrant workers are required to have a local sponsor who must provide them with work permits from the Labour Ministry and pay a fee for "facilitating the livelihood" of their employees.

Furthermore, if an illegal resident commits a crime that is criminalized by Libyan law, the judge can have them deported immediately.

According to the Ministry of Labour of the Government of National Unity, the number of foreign workers currently residing in Libya is estimated to be 2.1 million.