The Head of the Interior Committee of the House of Representatives (HoR), Suleiman Al-Harari, denounced the European Union's (EU) stance towards the crisis of immigration flows from the Sahel region's countries.

Al-Hariri said, according to a statement published by the spokesman for the HoR Abdullah Blehiq, that Europe was no longer interested in anything other than deporting immigrants from its lands without providing adequate assistance in alleviating the crisis, especially on the humanitarian side.

He also denounced the Tunisian authorities’ deportation of immigrants to the Libyan border and placing them in extremely difficult humanitarian conditions, stressing that the EU must assume its responsibility and establish special camps for immigrants who intend to go to Europe.

Al-Harari praised the efforts of the Libyan border guards who were helping immigrants on the Libyan-Tunisian border and providing them with humanitarian assistance, stressing that the Conference on Immigration and Development that was held in Rome last Sunday did not come out with practical decisions.

He also indicated that "Europe refuses to take responsibility and contribute more to easing the crisis, which has become the sole responsibility of the transit countries."