Chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), Fatou Bensouda, reiterated on Friday her call to Libyan authorities to take all necessary steps possible to immediately arrest and surrender Benghazi butcher Mahmoud Werfalli to the ICC, after the shocking video that showed him executing 10 captives in front of Baiyat Radwan mosque in Benghazi.

In a statement, Bensouda condemned Benghazi’s double car bomb explosion and the summary execution of captives that was carried out by Werfalli in retaliation for the bombings.

“I am equally appalled by photographs and video made public on 24 January 2018, that purportedly show Major Mahmoud Mustafa Busayf al-Werfalli executing 10 persons in front of the Baya'at al-Radwan mosque, in what appears to constitute retaliation for the cowardly bombings of 23 January 2018,” reads the statement.

Bensouda also repeated her call on all states, including members of the United Nations Security Council, to support Libya in facilitating Werfalli's arrest and surrender to the ICC.

“I am dismayed that Mr al-Werfalli appears to remain in a position of command, and allegedly continues to commit crimes with impunity, despite an official statement from the General Command of the Libyan National Army ("LNA") in August 2017 that Mr al-Werfalli had been arrested and was under investigation by a military prosecutor.” She said.

She also appealed to warlord Khalifa Haftar "to heed my previous call to the LNA to work with the Libyan authorities to enable the suspect's immediate arrest and surrender to the ICC."

Military sources say Mahmoud Werfalli still moves freely and comfortably in Benghazi under the protection of his Saiqa Force and other Salafist militants who were seen in his latest killing video escorting him.

According to the sources, detaining him is very difficult as this would trigger a fierce confrontation between sons of Khalifa Haftar’s armed groups and Werfalli’s loyalists.

Last November, Werfalli unveiled a plot by Dignity Operation senior leaders to assassinate him, but he asserted that no one in Benghazi can cause harm to him.


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