The International Criminal Court's (ICC) prosecutor Fatou Bensouda has called on the commander of Dignity Operation Khalifa Haftar to surrender Captain Mahmoud Al-Werfalli who works at the Saiqa Force to Libyan judicial authorities who shall later transfer him to The Hague.

Bensouda delivered Wednesday her appeal before the UN Security Council as part of the ICC's 14th report on Libya, saying Al-Werfalli is still free and is working for Al-Saiqa Brigade and may have taken part in more killings since his last arrest warrant.

Haftar's forces said earlier they had arrested him and placed him under investigation.

Bensouda also shed light on reports of serious crimes committed by Al-Werfalli, especially the mass executions, some of which had been posted on social media.

"ICC has issued a second arrest warrant this year in April against former security chief Al-Tuhamy Mohamed Khaled, accused of war crimes committed in 2011, and he was not surrendered yet." She explained, adding that efforts are ongoing to cooperate with Tripoli government to guarantee the surrender of Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi to the ICC.

The prosecutor's report brought to light the issue of IS, saying the terrorists are still in south and southwestern Sirte, then talked about the immigration issue saying that hundreds of thousands are suffering from bad treatment and abuse, which are crimes that can be related to the ICC.

At the UNSC meeting, Swedish ambassador seconded the efforts of the ICC to bring Al-Werffali to The Hague, calling on all countries to cooperate with the ICC to help achieve security in Libya.

Whereas, the US deputy ambassador to the UN, Michele Sison said the US supports the need for surrendering Al-Werfalli to the ICC, condemning the killing crimes in Al-Abyar Benghazi, adding that information they received says Al-Werfalli could be free and working as before.

"Al-Werfalli will be brought to justice as per the international law." She added.

Italy's ambassador to the UN said as well that Libya security personnel hampered ICC work in the country, adding that his country and the UNSC condemn Derna air attack and Al-Abyar crime.

He added that Libyan officials must help facilitate the visit of the ICC prosecutor to their country.