The Libyan Human Rights Solidarity organization said Tuesday on Facebook that the International Criminal Court (ICC) had opened an investigation into human rights violations at Mitiga prison that is run by Special Deterrence Force (SDF) in Tripoli.

The organization added that it had received a letter from the ICC's chief prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, saying the ICC was conducting an investigation based on a complaint it lodged last year against the SDF, Interior Ministry and the Presidential Council.

"We filed last October a complaint of 28 documents and 193 papers that included testimonies for violations done by SDF members against prisoners, such as forcing them to remain inside cells, torture and summary executions." The organization explained.

It also said that is preparing two additional complaints to send them to the Attorney General's office for violations in Benghazi and Al-Bayda and for violations done by forces under Khalifa Haftar's command in Derna in 2018.