Human Rights Solidarity (HRS) called on the Libyan Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah to comply with the Supreme Court’s decision to reject the appeal submitted by his office against the ruling of the unconstitutionality of his cabinet's decision to transfer the affiliation of the Office of Recovering and Management of Libyan State Assets of the Presidential Council to the the Prime Minister (Dbeibah himself), as well as the decision of to appoint a general manager for the aforementioned office as per the decision of the Supreme Court.

The HRS said that the Prime Minister must implement the ruling of the Tripoli Court of Appeal and dissolve the parallel office immediately, asking for preventing the office from working on files related to state assets, describing the continuation of the director of the parallel office dissolved by the Supreme Court's ruling and all its employees as a crime of impersonating public officials that is punishable by the law.

It also called on the Presidential Council to investigate the Prime Minister’s insistence on enforcing his decision regarding transferring the affiliation of the office to himself, despite the Administrative Control Authority’s request to withdraw the decision, which it described as invalid.

HRS said that the cancellation of Dbeibah and his government of the implementation of the Supreme Court's ruling is considered a crime under the Libyan Penal Code and can make them subject to imprisonment and dismissal. It also called on the European Union Mission to Libya and the United Nations Institute for Training and Research to respect the rulings of the Libyan judiciary. HRS denounced their dealing with the dissolved office despite the issuance of a ruling in February by the Tripoli Court of Appeal invalidating it, and even after the issuance of the Supreme Court’s ruling to reject the appeal against the ruling.