The Minister of the Displaced People Affairs, Yousif Jalala, said he authorized service companies to start working on preparing Tawergha city before the time is due for the IDPs to return in February.

Jalala told the press that his ministry is working on getting the needed services done such as water and electricity networks, service works at the schools and the like by the end of January.

“Tawergha has been immensely damaged and we will try to allow the comeback of the families piecemeal. The families whose houses were not so badly damaged can return first and after the service works are done, all other families can come back.” He explained.

He also said that they have not yet received any budget for the service work in the city, adding that the companies will do their work using the ministry’s own budget.

“There are 12.000 families registered as displaced at the ministry, which makes up about 48.000 people, across Libya.” Jalala added.

The Head of the Presidential Council Fayez Al-Sirraj announced at the end of last December that Tawergha IDPs will return to their city in February this year, adding that he ordered the formation of a committee headed by Jalala to monitor the ongoing of the return of the Tawerghans after over six years of displacement.