The Presidential Council (PC) underscored the "indispensable" role of Libyan youth in advancing reconciliation and achieving peace in the country in a statement Saturday to mark International Youth Day, which falls on August 12.

"We are committed to providing equal opportunities and access to quality education and vocational training for our youth, and we also believe in the need to create an enabling environment that fosters growth and unleashes their potential," the PC added.

The Council recognized the significant contributions of youth towards building a reconciled and harmonious nation and emphasized their crucial role in achieving lasting peace and prosperity.

Empowering youth to play a transformative role in shaping society towards inclusivity, peace, and sustainability is paramount, the PC stressed.

It said the journey towards reconciliation requires collective efforts to address historical grievances, bridge divisions, and foster understanding between different societies.

The PC reaffirmed its commitment to reconciliation and youth empowerment, commending the meaningful efforts of young citizens and supporting the creation of a Libya where reconciliation and sustainable development go hand in hand.