The floods caused by Strom Daniel have forced more than 36,000 people out of their homes in eastern Libya, the UN International Organization for Migration (IOM) announced on Wednesday.

According to the UN organization report, at least 30,000 people have been displaced in Derna, 3,000 in Al-Bayda, 1,000 in Al-Mukhaili, and 2,085 in Benghazi.

The number of deaths since Sunday totaled 2,000 people, while 5,000 people are still missing, as per the same source.

Storm Daniel caused severe damage to infrastructure, including the road network, and disrupted the communications network, the IOM stated.

The storm made landfall in eastern Libya on Sunday, making its way through the cities of Benghazi, Al-Bayda, Al-Marj, and Sousse, in addition to Derna, where intense rain burst the city's two dams and caused the raging floods to sweep entire neighbourhoods to the sea.