ISIS affiliates in Libya's Sirte were paid to keep women as slaves

ISIS affiliates in Libya's Sirte were paid to keep women as slaves

September 07, 2016 - 12:58
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Written By: AbdullahBenIbrahim

Abu Saad Al-Sudani received LYD 300 dinars for keeping 3 women as slaves.

While the radical group of ISIS is losing in Sirte, new documents have been found showing the group's funding to its militants to get married and keep women as slaves.

The media office of Al-Bunyan Al-Marsoos released Tuesday receipts, found inside the financial administration of so-called Tripolitania Province of IS, showing the preferential treatment given to the group's foreign militants over the city's local residents.

One of the receipts dated back to January 2016, showed that a Sudanese citizen, nicknamed Abu Saad Al-Sudani, had been granted a monthly bonus of LYD 300 dinars for keeping 3 women as slaves.

Money was also paid to other members of the group to help them get married. According to receipts dated back to March and April 2016, LYD 2500 dinars were paid to Tunisian national Abu Noor Al-Tunisi, LYD 1000 dinars to Egyptian Abu Wakkas Al-Masri and LYD 1000 dinars to Sudanese Abu Zainb Al-Sudani.

A Senegalese national, nicknamed Abu Khobaib Al-Senegali, had also received LYD 2320 as previous dues. Another receipt has shown that LYD 18450 dinars were paid to a foreign militant nicknamed Abu Hamza Al-Kinani as a monthly bonus for Rajab, the seventh month of the Islamic calendar, which could be the highest monthly amount ever paid.

The obtained receipts prove that all payments were only given to the group's foreign members.

The large amount of the group's money came from Zakat (alms-giving) collection, which is taken from wealthy people and paid to the group's militants. Failure to pay Zakat means death sentence.   

In Islam, there are eight categories of people to be the proper recipients of Zakat. ISIS has only used the seventh category, which is giving Zakat to those fighting for a religious cause or for Jihad.