Protesters gathered in front of the Mellitah Oil and Gas Complex -which Libya co-owns with Italian Eni- to denounce the war crimes committed by the Israeli occupation against civilians in Gaza.

The group called on Italy to rectify its "ominous" position towards Israel's attacks on Gaza and to contribute to sending aid to the besieged territory.

In support of the armed resistance in Gaza, the protesters said the Palestinian resistance factions have the right to defend their people against the "brutal occupation."

They demanded a strong international stance against the Israeli bombing of hospitals and civilians, calling for an immediate intervention to stop such attacks.

Given its unique position in the Islamic arena, the protesters said they were shocked at Saudi Arabia’s silence against the Israeli crimes, calling on Arab and Islamic nations to march in the streets and voice their rejection of the Israeli assault.

Arabic oil is being used to kill civilians in Gaza, the group said, as they called Oil-producing states to use crude as a pressure card to stop the Israeli attack against the Palestinians. They warned to take their protest to another level if denied their calls.