The Waddan court judge Abdelsalam Ismail and prosecutor Ali Abdelrahman as well as two police officers, who were abducted on Sunday, were released Tuesday, according to a House of Representatives member from Jufra.

The HoR member Ismail Al-Sharif said on Facebook that the abducted persons were freed by the armed group that took them to Sirte, adding that they were released to the commander of the 128 brigade Hassan Al-Zadma.

The abduction that took place last Sunday was over the detention of two people related to the kidnappers for smuggling charges in Hun town prison.

Later, the armed group kidnaped the court officials and officers from the court in which a trial for the smugglers was to take place.

Reacting to the incident, Jufra judiciary institutions suspended their work on Monday over the kidnapping of their co-workers.