The Korean company Daewoo said on Wednesday that it was considering a return to Benghazi to resume the infrastructure projects that had been suspended for more than ten years in the city in coordination with the Housing and Utilities Projects Implementation Authority.

The announcement came in a meeting for the Chairman of the Steering Council of the Municipality, Al-Saqr Omran Bujawari, Senior Vice President and Resident Director of the Korean Company, and his accompanying delegation.

A statement published on the municipality's Facebook page cited the company's delegation as confirming its desire to return to Benghazi, saying that the company will discuss the developments presented by Bujawari regarding current and necessary housing as well as investment projects.

Bujawari stressed the municipality's readiness to fully cooperate in the implementation of infrastructure projects with Daewoo, especially since the company previous work was carried out in Benghazi, which reflected positively on public facilities and services in the city.