The Libyan Crimes Watch (LCW) has reported the injury of five civilians as a result of the clashes that took place in Tripoli on Tuesday.

The clashes also caused damage to the building of Al-Jalaa Maternity Hospital in the center of the capital, in addition to other private properties of citizens, LCW added.

It called on all parties to stop the escalation and military mobilization to preserve civil peace in the country, holding them fully responsible for these violations.

The center of the capital, Tripoli, witnessed violent clashes at dawn on Tuesday, following the entry of the parallel government head, Fathi Bashagha, and a number of his ministers to Tripoli, claiming that he would start his work from the government headquarters in the capital.

As a result of the clashes, one of the armed men accompanying Bashagha was killed, in addition to the injury of a number of civilians and losses of private and public property.