The National Commission for Human Rights in Libya (NCHRL) warned of continued mobilizations by some armed forces in the capital, Tripoli, and it also warned all parties of the consequences of excessive use of armed force, stressing the need to keep civilians away from armed conflicts.

NCHRL called on the Head of the Presidential Council, the Government of National Unity, and the Ministries of Interior and Defense to work to defuse tension and stop rounds of war within residential neighborhoods. It explained that the government did not bear its responsibility toward victims of armed conflicts throughout the past period, but rather neglected their demands.

It renewed its reminder to all parties to avoid committing any serious violations or violations against civilians and to avoid fortifying themselves in residential areas and neighborhoods that are densely populated and have lots of educational, service, and health facilities.

Some neighborhoods of Tripoli witnessed armed clashes on last Friday, as eyewitnesses confirmed that the clashes broke out between members of the Deterrence Force for Combating Terrorism and Organized Crime and the Stability Support Apparatus after members of the latter “kidnapped” a Deterrence Force's affiliated member, so the situation worsened and turned into armed clashes in more than one location in Tripoli.

Some areas of Tripoli have been witnessing security tension, and military buildup amid expectations of violent clashes erupting at any moment between loyalists to the Government of National Unity and a number of groups seeking to overthrow it.