For the second day in a row, heavy fighting broke out on Sabea frontline between Libyan Army forces and Khalifa Haftar's forces which carried out an attack Monday aiming to seize control of Al-Aziziya town that links Tripoli and Gharyan.

A source from the Volcano of Rage Operation said the Libyan Army forces under the command of the Presidential Council's government had foiled an attack by Haftar's forces on the frontline despite the intensity of the airstrikes helping the ground forces.

"Haftar's forces had seized Baer Allaq and Sidi Farhat areas near Al-Aziziya before the Libyan Army received reinforcements from the western military zone and regained control of them." The source added.

In the meantime, Libyan Air Force air-raided Haftar's forces, including an attack on two operations rooms in Sabea and Sooq Al-Khamis.

Airstrikes on Sabea killed prominent senior leaders from Haftar's forces, including Abdelhakin Magedish, who is convicted of murdering the Libyan prominent cleric and Fatwa House member Nadir Al-Omrani.

Magedish escaped to eastern Libya and joined Haftar's forces after he was convicted of the murder and after the Public Prosecutor issued an arrest warrant of him.

The media office of Volcano of Rage Operation said three Russian mercenaries were also killed in the airstrikes on Sabea frontline where they were fighting alongside Haftar's forces.