This is chapter ten of the Libyan constitution that was approved by the Constituent Assembly on July 29

Chapter Ten

Army and Police

Article 177: State Monopoly over the Armed Forces

The State shall monopolize the creation of armed forces and security forces. This shall be in accordance with the law and for the benefit of the public. Individuals, parties, and groups shall be prohibited from forming military or paramilitary groups.

Article 178: Army

The army is a national, armed military force based on discipline and rank, and it is formed and organized structurally in accordance with the law.  It shall be obliged to observe complete neutrality, and shall be subject to civilian authority. It shall have no role in the peaceful transition of power nor shall it interfere in political life. Members of the Army have the right to vote but not to be a candidate. The law shall stipulate the necessary measures for that and national service shall be regulated by the stipulations and conditions of law.

Article 179: Duties of the Army

The Army shall assume the task of the homeland and its independence, unity, and territorial integrity. It shall support security agencies in accordance with the law. The Army shall be prohibited from undermining the constitutional system and State institutions or obstructing their activity or restricting the freedoms and rights of citizens.

Article 180: Police

The police is a systematic, civilian, technical, disciplined, hierarchical professional and specialized body. Its mission shall be to combat crime, preserves public safety and peace, maintain order, respect the law, and protect the rights, freedoms, security, and property of persons. Police personnel shall receive training in respect to human rights and methods to prevent and discover crimes. They have the right to vote but not to be a candidate.


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