"Saudi Arabia is working on recruiting radicalized persons to destabilize Libya," Libya's Fatwa House says.

Madkhalists and radicals have been condemned by the Libyan Fatwa House for their act of exhuming the shrine of Mohammed Al-Mahdi Al-Sonoussi - the father of the Libyan King Idris Al-Sonoussi - in Al-Kufra.

"Those acts done by extremist groups who are loyal to Rabee al-Madkhali in Saudia Arabia are aimed to abort the Libyan revolution and destabilize the country." The Fatwa House said in a statement on Tuesday.

It added that Saudi authorities unleashed those groups and made them mingle among Libyans so that they turn people against the February revolution in different ways, such as fatwas to kill scholars and clerics "like they did to sheikh Nadir Al-Omrani and tens others in Benghazi."

"Those Saudi-linked groups have killed many of imams in the Benghazi prison of Gernada and in Tripoli's jail of Mitiga under torture and without trial." The Fatwa House explained.

"We are stunned to see no action and no statement by the official authorities in Libya regarding the armed attack of the Madkhalist groups on the Al-Sonoussi Mosque in Al-Kufra. This is against religion and Sharia." It further explained.

It also condemned a similar attack on Abdullah Ben Omar Mosque in Siyaheya area in Tripoli, where the "Madkhalist attackers" changed the locks of the doors of the mosques and hindered the Fajr prayer for the first time in decades. 
"We denounce the Madkhalists' behavior towards imams in the mosques, where they dismiss those who disagree with their ideologies and appoint their loyalists instead." The Fatwa House indicated.

An armed group believed to be Sobul Al-Salam Brigade that is loyal to Dignity Operation led by Khalifa Haftar attacked on Friday the shrine of Al-Mahdi Al-Sonoussi and took his remains to an unknown location.

Meanwhile, former member of the General National Congress for Al-Kufra city, Al-Tawati Al-Ayda said on TV that Salafist Madkhalists were behind the horrendous inhumane act and they were pushed for it by one of their sheikhs - Majdi Hafala - who is in Al-Kufra nowadays, coming from Tripoli, to lecture his loyalists.

Al-Ayda blamed Haftar for the incident, saying the cars that attacked the mosque bore his forces' logo and were part of the Sobul Al-Salam Brigade that operates under Haftar's command in east Libya.