The Director-General of the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO), Salim Almalik, has expressed the organization's desire to continue coordinating with Libya to enhance education, science, and culture partnership.

ICESCO's official made his remarks during a meeting with Libya's permanent representative to the organization, Mohamed Al-Amari Zayed, to discuss the progress of the partnership between the two sides.

Zayed welcomed ICESCO's efforts, highlighting that the Director-General's visit to Tripoli marks a new beginning for their relations. 

According to Zayed, a team had been formed to prepare a detailed report on the visit's outcomes and to draft proposed programs and projects.

Both parties agreed to arrange a visit for a Libyan working team to ICESCO's HQ, where they will finalize an executive partnership agreement that enables ICESCO to help Libya enhance its capacities.

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