Targets and positions for Khalifa Haftar's forces on different fighting frontlines have been targeted with heavy bombardment by the Libyan Air Force of the Presidential Council's government over the last few days, according to a source at the Burkan Al-Ghadab (Volcano of Rage) Operation.

Airstrikes' aims included Haftar's forces positions in Al-Asaba, Al-Shweirif, Al-Jufra and southern Tripoli frontlines, the source explained.

"In total, the air force carried out 20 strikes targeting convoys, supplies, vehicles, fighters, and ammo depots with minute precision." The source indicated.

Saturday and Sunday saw the Libyan Air Force carrying out air raids on Wadi Rabea and Tripoli International Airport, destroying military vehicles and killing at least 13 fighters from Haftar's forces.

Intense airpower was put to the fight over the last few days by the Libyan Army under the command of Presidential Council's government to pave the way for an all-out offensive, according to military experts, that is going to be very soon.

Meanwhile, an uneasy calm has descended on fighting frontlines with some skirmishes with the Libyan Army remaining in positions gained in vast areas across southern Tripoli.