The Libyan Chief of Staff, Mohammed Al-Haddad discussed Monday with his Algerian counterpart, Saïd Chengriha, military cooperation and security developments in the region, reiterating the need for coordination to respond to security challenges, especially on joint southern borders.

The remarks came, according to an Algerian Defense Ministry statement, in a meeting for the two Chiefs as the Al-Haddad visited Algeria with a delegation headed by the Libyan Deputy Head of Presidential Council, Mossa Al-Koni, at the invitation of the Algerian President.

The two sides talked about boosting cooperation in military fields and exchanging viewpoints on issues of joint interest, while Chengriha said it was necessary to end the crisis in Libya so it can regain its active role in re-establishing peace and stability in the region.

The statement said Al-Haddad hailed the efforts of Algeria to build bridges among Libyan parties and to push for unity across the whole country.