The spokesman for the Sirte-Jufra Operations Room of the Libyan Army under the command of the Government of National Accord, Abdelhadi Drah, has denied the pullout of Russian Wagner Group mercenaries from Sirte and Jufra positions to Ras Lanuf.

Drah told local media Thursday that the pro-Haftar Central Backup Force, which was positioned at Checkpoint 40 km in western Sirte, had left to an unknown destination.

Drah indicated that the residents of the town near Checkpoint 40 km im western Sirte had been taken by surprise to find no security forces at the Checkpoint, which was one of the most important positions for Haftar's forces.

Separately, Drah said the elders of Gaddadfa Tribe in Sirte had rejected, after meeting a delegation from eastern Libya, accepting (diyya) "financial compensation" for the killing of Nasser Oueidat who was killed by Haftar's forces recently. They called for releasing all detained men by Haftar's forces.

Many social media and media outlets have claimed that Russian Wagner Group mercenaries, who are fighting for Haftar's forces and are now positioned in Sirte and Jufra as well as the Oil Crescent region, are withdrawing to Ras Lanuf. The news wasn't verified by neither GNA nor Haftar's forces.