The Libyan Army's Volcano of Rage Operation under the command of the Presidential Council's government has shut down a warplane for Khalifa Haftar's forces in western Sabratha.

The media office of Volcano of Rage Operation said Wednesday that the warplane tried to land in Al-Watiya airbase but fell down before that.

According to sources, the warplane downed by Libyan Army was a Russian Sukhoi that was targeting the Libyan Army forces in Al-Aziziya but got shot down by antiaircraft missiles and fell between Sabratha and Al-Ajilat.

The commander of Volcano of Rage operations room Ahmed Abu Shahma told reporters that their forces had repelled attacks by Russian mercenaries from Wagner Group on Al-Aziziya frontline, targeting one of their snipers, without confirming any deaths or injuries among them.

Abu Shahma added that they targeted Haftar's forces on Al-Tawaisha and Qasir Benghashir frontlines, destroying two armored vehicles for Haftar's forces on Al-Aziziya frontline.

Heavy clashes erupted since early Wednesday hours after Libyan Army forces attacked Haftar's forces on Al-Sabea and Al-Tawaisha as well as Wadi Rabea and Airport Road frontlines, advancing on new positions and capturing several fighters from Haftar's forces.

Meanwhile, the media office of Volcano of Rage Operation said AFP photojournalist Hamza Turkia and Aljazeera Channel photojournalist Nasser Jebril were targeted by sniper shots on Al-Tawaisha frontline in southern Tripoli while covering clashes on Wednesday.