Libyan Army's Volcano of Rage Operation forces have thwarted two attacks by Khalifa Haftar's forces on Ramla frontline near Tripoli Airport and Yarmouk Camp, which is very essential for Haftar's forces to advance into downtown areas in the capital, sources from the operation said.

The attack on Ramla frontline Tuesday morning was with artillery shelling and grad rockets, but the Volcano of Rage forces manage to repel the advance attempt.

On Tuesday afternoon, Haftar's forces attacked Yarmouk Camp but were also foiled by Libyan Army forces.

Meanwhile, the spokesman for Gharyan Protection Force Motaz Shanbeer said the Force's fighters carried out a critical operation in Urban town near Gharyan, targeting positions for Haftar's forces.

Shanbeer added that the operation came in line with the withdrawal of a force led by a former regime henchman and a Haftar's forces ally, Mohammed bin Nayel, from Gamata area.

Uneasy calm is still prevailing on most frontlines after the Libyan Army under the Presidential Council's government command has seized Baer Allaq amid heavy airpower use and airstrikes by Haftar's forces on civilian locations.