The Libyan Army forces under the command of the Presidential Council's government carried out an all-out offensive on Khalifa Haftar's forces on Al-Ramla frontline in the vicinity of Tripoli International Airport, the media office of Volcano of Rage Operation said, adding that Haftar's forces were accompanied by foreign mercenaries on the frontlines.

In a statement on Saturday, the media office said their forces seized several buildings in which Haftar's forces were barricading, adding that they destroyed two tanks and one military vehicle.

Over the last two days, the Libyan Army forces have been taking the offensive after a period of heavy attacks by Haftar's forces backed by Russian Wagner Group mercenaries, who held Haftar's forces advance relatively in southern Tripoli, especially in Yarmouk frontline.

On Friday, violent clashes erupted on Salah Al-Deen frontline, where the Libyan Army reinforced its forces and attacked multinational forces led by Haftar, destroying several military vehicles, capturing fighters and killing at least nine fighters, including a Colonel.

On the Airport Road, Haftar's forces tried to advance to distract the Libyan Army forces who were busy fighting on Hamza Camp and Khallatat frontlines, but the Libyan Army forces managed to seize control of the road, destroying three military vehicles, killing the fighters in the vehicles and capturing ten fighters.