The Libyan Ambassador to Ukraine, Adel Issa, has confirmed that the jumbo-sized cargo jet "Antonov 100-124" belonging to the Libyan Air Cargo Company has been hit by small shrapnel in Ukraine.

In a post on Facebook, Issa mentioned a meeting with the Antonov company management in the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, during the past few days to assess the damage and follow up on the incident.

He confirmed that the plane is in good condition and the maintenance process, in general, was not affected by the military operations in Ukraine.

"The plane was covered in preservatives and was towed into a flight deck at the factory to keep it safe," the ambassador said.

He also indicated that for security and military conditions, they were unable to visit the factory where the aircraft is being grounded, although he affirmed that they are following up with the relevant Libyan authorities to complete maintenance operations.

The Libyan plane is currently stationed in Ukraine, undergoing maintenance work. The aircraft is the second-largest cargo plane in the world, bought by Libya in the early 2000s and annexed to the Libyan Air Cargo Company.