The Libyan embassy in Sudan has called on all members of the Libyan community on the Sudanese territory to take precautions and not move around only after making sure that the truce is actually in effect.

The embassy urged members of the community not to rush to move within the hot spots, stressing that the movement should only be when absolutely necessary.

The embassy had called on all members of the Libyan community on Sudanese territories to stay in their homes and to exercise caution, given the events that Sudan is going through.

The two parties to the fighting in Sudan; the Sudanese army and the Rapid Support Forces agreed to a new 24-hour truce, starting from 6 pm, Wednesday, local time, amid international calls for a cease-fire and the start of a dialogue that ends the combat operations.

During a telephone conversation with the Sudanese Foreign Minister, Ali Al-Sadiq Ali; Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Government of National Unity, Naglaa Al-Mangoush, expressed Libya's full solidarity with the Sudanese people and its willingness to play a mediating role between the Sudanese parties to push them to respond to calls for peace and resume the political process, to achieve security, stability and development for brotherly Sudan.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement that the during the phone call they discussed the current and unfortunate situation in the sisterly Republic of Sudan, where Al-Mangoush stressed the need to respond to calls for an immediate end to hostilities and to give priority to the language of dialogue between brothers.