Libyan national Abdul Adeem Al-Faroui has died after rescuing two Turkish youths from drowning at sea in Arnavutköy, Istanbul.

Al-Faroui, a religious scholar and Imam, was on the coast of Karaburun for a picnic with his family when he heard two swimmers shouting for help.

Despite being sick, the 50-year-old hero quickly jumped into the water and struggled to drag the two youths to safety, but unfortunately, he became exhausted and started drowning before being pulled out of the water by lifeguards.

He died at Arnavutköy State Hospital suffering from internal bleeding.

Al-Faroui is from the eastern city of Benghazi. He was imprisoned and tortured by warlord Khalifa Haftar’s militia groups because of his political orientation in 2014. He was released in 2015 when his health conditions worsened because of torture. Later, he fled to Turkey with his family to continue his treatment.

He was laid to rest in Istanbul on Sunday, August 25.