The Turkish Karanfil Group announced the appointment of its Chairman of the Board of Directors, Murtaza Karanfil, as Chairman of the Turkish-Libyan Business Council that is affiliated with the Turkish Foreign Economic Relations Authority.

According to the group's statement, Karanfil was selected to head the council for the third time in a row in a voting that took place on Saturday. It also touched on the efforts made by Karanfil in recent years to develop trade relations between Turkey and Libya.

The group's statement cited Karanfil as emphasizing the importance of Libya for Turkey and for joint projects between the two countries.

Among the future work that Karanfil seeks to achieve, according to the statement, is “establishing a partnership institution between the public and private sectors in the contracting sector, activating the barter system in trade, creating new areas of cooperation, making Libya the central country in transit trade and supplying products to African countries, and working to remove entry visas for tourism and health.

"Turkey enjoys a central location in the world from a geopolitical standpoint. Libya is located close to Europe and the heart of Africa. Therefore, Libya is considered a gateway in all areas of trade. I am confident that a positive atmosphere will prevail for the benefit of Libya and Turkey.” Karanfil said.