The heads of the committees of the High Council of State (HCS) authorized on Thursday the Head of the HCS, Khalid Al-Mishri, to take legal, political and security measures to respond to preventing members of the HCS from traveling via Mitiga Airport in Tripoli and seizing their passports.

The media office of the HCS said in a statement that Al-Mishri held an emergency meeting with the heads of committees to discuss what he described as a "heinous crime" against a group of HCS members at Mitiga Airport.

The media office said that the heads of the HCS committees authorized Al-Mishri to take "legal, political and security measures to respond to this unprecedented violation of the law."

Al-Mishri also asked the Attorney General to open an investigation in this regard, accusing the Head of the Internal Security Agency of the Government of National Unity of issuing instructions to prevent members of the HCS from traveling.

In light of the tension between the HCS Council and the Internal Security Agency, an HCS source - who refused to be named - revealed to the Libya Observer that a group affiliated with the Internal Security Agency parked their cars on Thursday afternoon near the HCS headquarters in what looked like a siege, adding that a state of anticipation and fear prevailed among the employees of the HCS departments, as most of them left work early for fear of a possible storming.