The High Council of State (HCS) said that the continuation of the crimes of the Israeli occupation in the Gaza Strip amid the international community's mere watching is a disgrace to humanity, describing the occupation’s violations as an outright crime of genocide.

In a statement on Sunday, the HCS described the killings, displacement, starvation, and denial of the most basic human rights as an organized crime that transcended all moral and human values, and it called on the Government of National Unity and all free people in the world to make every effort as well as to mobilize international positions to stop the war and allow aid to enter the Gaza Strip.

The HCS also called on the Libyan people, the Arab and Islamic peoples, and supporters of the cause and human rights in the world, to provide all means of support and solidarity to the Palestinian people and to stop the unprecedented crimes of genocide committed by the Zionists in Gaza and the rest of the occupied territories.

It reaffirmed its steadfast position regarding the Palestinian Cause and the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people to defend their occupied land and its capital, Jerusalem.

Two days ago, the Libyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed its strong condemnation of the targeting of defenseless civilians in the northern Gaza Strip, which resulted in the death of dozens and the injury of hundreds, as a result of the occupation forces’ bombing of humanitarian aid queues in Gaza.

The Ministry held the international community fully responsible, and called on it to take urgent action and urgent measures to protect civilians from criminal violations in the Gaza Strip, with the necessity of an immediate ceasefire. It renewed the firm and supportive position of the State of Libya toward the Palestinian people until they regain all their legitimate rights that enable them to establish their independent state with Jerusalem as its capital.