The Libyan House of Representatives (HoR) signed a contract with the Vogel Group, an US-based lobbying firm, worth $95,000 per month for one year.

According to what was published by the US Department of Justice, the group will provide media and governmental consultations to the Libyan HoR, in addition to lobbying US authorities.

The Department of Justice explained that among the services that the group would provide was contact with radio, print and digital media outlets within the US, in addition to supporting press conferences. It added that the contract was signed on behalf of the HoR by First Deputy Speaker Fawzi Al-Nuwairi and the HoR Secretary Abdullah Al-Masry Fadil.

The Department of Justice added that the executive director of the Vogel Group would directly supervise the implementation of the contract. It said the agreement entered into force on October 1, and would expire on the same date in 2024, with the possibility of terminating this agreement by either party, provided that there are no unpaid dues from the HoR.