Libyan-Italian committee formed to control Libya's southern borders

Libyan-Italian committee formed to control Libya's southern borders

June 03, 2017 - 15:14
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The Libyan-Italian committee for fighting illegal immigration and smuggling agreed last Thursday to form a new joint commission to be tasked with controlling Libya's southern region and stem the influx of illegal immigrants.

The new commission will be made up from personnel from Libya's southern border guards and Italian Defense Ministry personnel.

Other agreements were also signed by Libya's General Directorate of Coasts Security, Libyan Immigration Administration and Italian Interior Ministry aiming to implement the training programs (theoretical and practical) for the Libyan coastguards.

The agreements also include completion of maintenance works on Libya's boats, and provision of maritime cutting-edge equipment for the Libyan Coast Guard.

The signing of the new agreements took place during the eighth meeting for the Libyan-Italian committee in Tripoli last Thursday in the presence of Italian Interior and Defense Ministries' officials, who discussed the hardships hurdling the border guards in southern Libya, wishing the new agreements will end those hardships.

Also in attendance were the Italian Ambassador to Libya, Giuseppe Perrone, Head of Libyan-Italian committee, Abdullah Tumiya, Commander of Borders Guard, Nuri Al-Maryami, Chief of the Libyan General Directorate of Coast Security, Head of the operations room of the Libyan-Italian committee, Tariq Shanpour, commanders of southern borders, and heads of security departments from the southern region.