Libyan journalists accuse Amnesty International of promoting hate speech against Libya

Libyan journalists accuse Amnesty International of promoting hate speech against Libya

December 03, 2017 - 21:05
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

Media figures and journalists from Libya issued a statement on Sunday to denounce Amnesty International's Facebook post about Libya, saying it was untrue and an advocation for hate speech against Libya.

A hundred journalists signed the statement that lashed out at the post of Amnesty International published on November 24, which persuaded social media users to set off a media campaign targeting the African-European Unions' Summit to convince the attendees in Abidjan to release all Africans detained in Libya.

"Amnesty International's post was very upsetting and the photo that was in the post was inappropriate." The statement reads.

Amnesty International's photo reads: "For the price of this phone "iPhoneX" you can buy two persons in Libya."

Libyan journalists said the allegations in the post are untrue as it suggests that slave markers are in the open everywhere in Libya, saying that the post did not care about the psychological effects on Libyan society at all.

"Many Libyans were victims of violence and still are in different parts of the world due to such claims and inauthentic reports, which put the lives of Libyans at risk in several countries." The statement says.

It added that there certainly were many violations that were done to immigrants by individuals and outlaw groups, but that applies to Libyans as well. Many Libyans were victims of violence and lawlessness in their own country, but not as serious as "slavery."

"Amnesty International must explain the logic behind its post or even delete it and apologize to the Libyan people, who were severely harmed by its ramifications on both the physical and psychological levels. The post is merely aimed at promoting hate speech." The statement explains.

The journalists said they had high hopes in Amnesty International as a haven where human rights could be secure, "but we have been appalled by the post, so delete it, apologize and lest turn a new page," they added, saying they will be waiting for Amnesty International's response.

Amnesty International posted the harmful photo prior to the AU-EU summit in Ivory Coast as part of a media campaign to promote the hate speech against Libyans.