Libyan mayors sit with Head of Presidential Council to review security issues

Libyan mayors sit with Head of Presidential Council to review security issues

September 17, 2018 - 20:33
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The Head of the Presidential Council Fayez Al-Sirraj met with over fifty mayors from across the country's western region to discuss security and the recent violence in Tripoli.

The meeting in Tripoli went over the coordination with the UNSMIL regarding the ceasefire in Tripoli and the security measures that "will expand from Tripoli to the rest of cities."

"What happened in Tripoli was more than clashes among armed groups; it was prompted by parties that control those armed groups operating on the ground to topple the Government of National Accord and spark war in Tripoli. We won't let that happen." Al-Sirraj told the mayors.

He warned that those who violate the ceasefire will be punished locally and internationally.

"Tripoli's latest violence is the turning point in the way our handling of issue will be in the future." Al-Sirraj remarked.

He also said that the House of Representatives did not abide by Paris declaration of principles that said a constitutional base should be founded by September 16 and elections be held by December 10 this year.

"None of Paris agreement's principles were implements. Not dissolving parallel bodies or even de-escalating the tensions for the holding of elections." He added, saying some want things to remain as they are to keep their positions.

"We had to take decisions as we knew that the Central Bank administration is split. We had to pass the reforms package after we grew desperate of the divided HoR." He added.

He indicated that regarding corruption in the Central Bank, we asked the UN Security Council to send a committee to dig into the files in Tripoli and Al-Bayda as well as the other divided institutions to figure out the source of corruption.

"We will take decisions that end the crisis in Libya. We won't stand there and watch." Al-Sirraj further added.