The Deputy Prime Minister, Ramadan Abu Jinnah, has urged for calm and rationality amidst the ongoing clashes between two armed groups in Tripoli.

The fighting broke out on Monday after the Special Deterrence Force (SDF), who controls the Mitiga Airport, arrested Mahmoud Hamza, Commander of the 444th Brigade, while he was reportedly boarding a plane to Misrata.

In a Facebook statement Tuesday, Abu Jinnah said the Government of National Unity is committed to the slogan "No to war" and is actively working to strengthen the ceasefire and improve security throughout the country.

He emphasized that any security tensions that may arise will not be tolerated and urged all parties to work towards maintaining peace.

"We will not tolerate any damage that may be caused by any security tensions."

The clashes started intermittently on Monday and escalated on Tuesday, particularly in areas south of Tripoli.