The Minister of Local Government, Badr Al-Deen Al-Toumi, discussed with a number of mayors of the eastern and western regions in two separate meetings the boosting of local administration in the two regions.

According to the Ministry of Local Government, the mayors of the east reviewed the file for allocating the necessary funds to compensate for losses and provide support to those affected by the floods that hit a number of cities in the region.

The mayors of the west also presented the file of funds and the difficulties as well as problems facing the mayors in managing municipal affairs and working to find practical solutions to them.

They discussed settling the financial dues for employees of cleaning companies who were transferred to work under municipal management, especially with regard to organizing the process of paying their monthly salaries.

The two separate meetings dealt with the digital transformation file, as they discussed strategies for activating local revenues and collecting them on a digitized system, within the framework of facilitating the collection process and achieving efficiency in managing municipal financial resources.

They also discussed the Ministry’s movement toward full digitization in all correspondence with municipalities and also among municipalities, which necessitates developing employees' capabilities to use the digital systems. 

Al-Toumi emphasized the importance of continuous cooperation and coordination between the Ministry and the municipalities to achieve the desired goals and confront the current challenges in the spirit of one team and away from any political tensions.

He indicated that his Ministry was moving steadily toward enabling municipalities to manage their competencies and granting them more independence and freedom of action in managing their affairs, in line with the government’s vision of promoting decentralization and empowering local administration.