The Libyan Military Prosecutor has called for the halt of Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi's candidacy for presidential elections, asking the High National Elections Commission (HNEC) to stop Gaddafi and Khalifa Haftar's electoral registration until they're interrogated for accusations of crimes filed against them.

The Military Prosecutor, Mohammed Gharouda, added in his letter to the Head of the HNEC Emad Al-Sayeh, in which he said the HNEC will bear the legal blame for violating the order issued by the Military Prosecution regarding the two candidates.

The Military Prosecutor said the cases against Saif Al-Islam and Haftar include killing people in Esbaya area in south Tripoli by Wagner Group mercenaries, and the killing of 26 cadets at the Tripoli Military College, in addition to bombarding an immigration detention center in Tajoura and the city of Al-Zawiya.

The HNEC said Sunday Gaddafi had submitted all necessary documents for presidential elections candidacy in a Sabha HNEC center. Haftar is also expected to announce his presidential bid soon after a number of media campaigns paving the way for his candidacy being led by pro-Haftar media outlets.