The Libyan Mufti, Sheikh Al-Sadiq Al-Gharyani, said he found it strange that the National Oil Corporation (NOC) had deposited $10 million in the bank account of the "Mediterranean Company", which is headquartered in Dubai.

The Mufti said on Tanasuh TV channel that he had met with the Chairman of the NOC, Farhat Bengdara, after he assumed his duties, and he reminded him of the position of the UAE: which the Mufti described as "the hostile state that killed our children and bombed them in the military college and other places.”

"I told Bengdara that there is news that you will deposit money in the UAE. He denied that and said this did not happen and would not happen, but unfortunately it has happened now. We have a letter that Bengdara sent to the Sirte Oil and Gas Production Company, in which he says that the company must deposit $10 million in an account for the "Mediterranean Company" under the pretext of using the amount to obtain spare parts in the future." Al-Gharyani explained.

The Mufti wondered if Bengdara was doing this wisely or caring for his country, adding that it would have been better for companies to search for spare parts whenever they needed them by searching for the best commodity and the best price, and to transfer money to them for the purchase, rather than to transfer the money in advance as the NOC did.

The Libyan Mufti considered that such behavior wasted the country and Libyans’ money, and he called on the National Oil Corporation “to stop such actions and take responsibility.”