Libya's Grand Mufti, Sheikh Al-Sadiq Al-Garyani, has issued a fatwa demanding the people of the neighbouring countries of Gaza to break into the borders of the besieged Strip and help their brothers.

"It is the duty of every single person to defend their brothers, to defend the physical wellbeing of their brothers, to defend Muslims, to defend the sanctity of Muslims, to defend their brothers' mothers and women," the Mufti said during his weekly program on the Tanasuh TV channel on Wednesday.

Sheikh Al-Sadiq called on people to gather around these crossings, collectively and individually, and to storm the blockaded enclave in support of its people. 

He emphasized that it is not permissible to remain idle while their brothers suffer in this way at the hands of their enemies.

In his fatwa, the Mufti underscored that the security men at the crossing points around Gaza and the West Bank are forbidden to stand guard and prevent people from crossing the border. 

"Anyone working in the police or security forces in Jordan and Egypt, it's forbidden for him to stand guard to protect the Zionists."

The Sheikh considered those guarding the borders with Gaza as being part of the Zionist forces and participating in the killing of their Muslim brothers, reaffirming that it is forbidden for them to perform this service or engage in such actions, even if ordered by their state.

"Such actions will lead them to hellfire and is never permissible," the Mufti said.