Libya's Navy forces have thwarted a new attempt to smuggle migrants to Europe through the Libyan coast, the Libyan Naval forces confirmed.

"The operation comes in the framework of the humanitarian and sovereign mission to protect the Libyan coast and to provide search and rescue services for migrants across the sea," the naval force explained in a statement.

On Sunday, the vessel "Fezzan" of the Libyan Coast Guard managed to rescue 270 migrants of different African nationalities trying to cross the Mediterranean on a rickety boat.

"After receiving a distress call, the vessel Fezzan moved to the rescue spot, and rescue teams performed their role to the fullest," the spokesman for the Chief of Staff of the Naval Forces said.

The migrants were disembarked at the Tripoli Naval Base. They were then handed over to the Anti-Illegal Migration Agency, which will follow up on the case and complete the procedures for their repatriation to their countries, according to the navy's statement.