The Prime Minister of the Government of National Unity (GNU), Abdel Hamid Dbeibah, announced the reopening of the coastal road, which links east and west, promising the realization of future endeavours to come.

According to the media office of Dbeibah on Friday, this step should alleviate the difficulty of traveling through extremely harsh desert roads, which affected the people of Libya in not only economic, security, and health terms, but also in social terms.

Dbeibah said that this achievement is hoped to be followed by successive achievements in the field of reconciliation, development, and reconstruction, adding: “Our country needs us to transcend our unfortunate past and to look ahead to a prosperous future.”

The 5+5 Military Committee announced the reopening of the coastal road linking the east and west of the country, beginning from Friday, under the control of the Security Arrangements Committee of the 5+5 Committee.

It further noted the prevention of movement of military convoys near the coastal road, which currently extends from Bughrain to gate No. 30, west of Sirte, calling on the official authorities to coordinate with the Security Arrangements Committee regarding the movement of official persons and delegations who may possibly be traveling through the coastal road.

Social media platforms circulated images of traffic returning on the coastal road between Sirte and Misrata, following the Joint Military Committee 5+5 announced its official reopening.