5+5 paris

A number of Libyan military leaders discussed, during two-day meetings in the French capital, Paris, the formation of joint units to achieve several security goals, according to a statement issued by the French Foreign Ministry on Tuesday.

The meeting was attended the Chief of the General Staff of the Libyan Army, Lieutenant General Mohammed Al-Haddad, and his counterpart of Khalifa Haftar's forces, Abdelrazik Al-Nathori in addition to officers from the 5+5 Joint Military Committee.

The French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs clarified the founding framework for the meeting of the Libyan military in Paris, saying that the meeting comes within the framework of working meetings focused on unifying military institutions and establishing stability in the country, while ensuring that Libyan sovereignty is fully respected.

It added that the meeting falls within "France's support for dialogue between security actors in Libya and for the actions that have been achieved within the framework of the security working group co-chaired by the United Nations and emanating from the international follow-up committee to the Berlin process."

The French statement reaffirmed that "France continues its support for the United Nations and the security movement mobilized by all Libyan actors," which made it clear that it "aims to form joint units with the aim of achieving three main goals represented in establishing security on the Libyan borders and confronting terrorism and destabilizing foreign interventions." 

The statement noted that these actions will be followed up within the framework of the upcoming security working groups co-chaired by the United Nations, which will soon be held in Benghazi on July 25, 2023.

Tripoli hosted on May 24 the first meeting of the security working group of the International Working Committee for the Berlin process, with the participation of members of the “5+5” joint military committee from eastern and western Libya, and in the presence of representatives of the members of the group, which includes, in addition to the United Nations, France and Britain. Turkey, Italy and the African Union.