The Libyan Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah said that stability can end the transitional periods and lead to fair and inclusive national elections, adding in a joint press conference with visiting Italian Prime Minister Georgia Meloni in Tripoli on Saturday that the Italian position is clear, represented in securing the situation in the Mediterranean and reducing tension.

Dbeibah added that he trusted Italy's ability to work for the stability of Libya, especially after Meloni's efforts to somehow unify the views of the countries concerned with supporting peace in Libya, adding that they had discussed the development of cooperation between Libya and Italy in the field of illegal immigration, economic cooperation, support for the efforts of the UN mission and UN envoy Abdoulaye Bathily, and strengthening joint cooperation by activating the friendship treaty signed between Libya and Italy in 2008.

He also stressed the need to give the joint technical committees the opportunity to activate the bilateral memoranda of understanding, which would contribute to advancing development and construction projects, the peaceful political process and preventing war, with the support of the Italian side, underscoring the signing of an investment agreement in gas field between the National Oil Corporation and Eni as well as an agreement between the foreign ministers of the two countries to provide Libya with five marine boats for search and rescue operations.

Meanwhile, the Italian Prime Minister said that she hoped the Government of National Unity would commit to holding parliamentary and presidential elections as soon as possible within the framework of the United Nations plan, stressing the need to confront the numbers of illegal immigration coming from Libya to Italy, which recently increased, pointing out that there are "external influences working to destabilize the situation in Libya," and stressing that Libya is a strategic partner for Italy.

"Italy will work to reconstruct Tripoli International Airport and the highway, among the infrastructure projects that Italy will participate in across Libya," Meloni said, referring to the discussion of the return of direct flights between the two countries and stressing the importance of working to combat illegal immigration and human trafficking.

"Despite the Libyan efforts, the numbers of legal entry into Italy from Libya are still high, and they have increased by 50%. We are committed to supporting Libya in managing this issue." She said.