The Libyan Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah called on the Brega Oil Marketing Company to increase the quantities from the Sabha depot, and to establish a distribution mechanism that ensures their arrival to all municipalities, until this issue is radically addressed, according to the government’s media platform Hakomitna.

Dbeibah met in the capital, Tripoli, the mayors of 19 municipalities in the southern region, in the presence of the ministers of local government, labor and finance, and a number of deputy ministers and officials of companies related to the fuel crisis in the southern region.

The platform added that the Minister of Local Government, Badr Al-Deen Al-Toumi, stressed at the beginning of the meeting the efforts of his government in supporting local administration and transferring competencies, praising Dbeibah's periodic follow-up of municipalities’ conditions and identifying their problems through his meetings with them.

The Mayor of Sebha presented the most important problems and difficulties facing the municipalities of the south, especially the lack of fuel, the lack of an effective mechanism to guarantee its distribution from the Sabha depot, the delay in implementing a number of road projects approved in the development plan, financial releases for a number of sectors, and the lack of attention and follow-up to a number of development projects in various sectors.

He called for finishing the file of financial releases for a number of sectors in the Municipality of the South, and the necessity of collecting them from sustainable development programs of the National Oil Corporation, and the need to pay attention to implementing the Sabha sewage plant given its bad condition.

The media platform said that Dbeibah had stressed the necessity of developing radical solutions to the fuel issue, guaranteeing the rights of citizens, especially in the southern regions, and creating alternatives in the support file for citizens to benefit from. It added that Dbeibah had assigned the Minister of Local Government to hold technical meetings for municipalities and executive agencies to follow up on the progress of work of ongoing projects and targeted projects in 2024.