Members of the Libyan Constitution Drafting Assembly (CDA), politicians, and members of the House of Representatives called on the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres to facilitate the first referendum on constitution in Libya's history.

They criticized in a letter to Guterres the "negligence of the UNSMIL toward the constitution draft, thus plunging Libya into a new transitional phase that prolongs corruption and chaos".

"Was the UNSMIL formed to help Libyans decide on their future state via referendum and then elections or to manage the armed conflict inside Libya and their supporters abroad? Was it formed to help Libya achieve a state of law and institutions or not?" The letter reads, asking Guterres to redirect the work of the UNSMIL to push the constitutional track forward via referendum and then help Libyans choose their leadership via elections.

The letter says most attempts to prevent the referendum from happening come from initiatives proposed by the UNSMIL or action plans that go against the constitutional plan as per the temporary constitutional declaration.

The signatories called on the UN Secretary General to remove the hurdles hindering Libyans from practicing their constitutional right to a referendum, which would be a first in Libyan history.