75 political parties issued a joint statement on Wednesday calling on the Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, to assist in forming a new unified government in the country, and to expand the circle of political dialogue away from the initiative of the UN envoy to Libya Abdoulaye Bathily.

Local media reported a copy of the letter addressed to Guterres, in which the signatories said that it was necessary to reconsider Bathily's initiative, expand the participation of Libyans in the political dialogue to produce sustainable solutions, and to expand participation outside the parties of the conflict.

The parties confirmed that the UN mission's role in Libya witnessed a clear decline and moved away from neutrality, which weakened confidence in its ability to develop an appropriate solution to the Libyan crisis.

They urged for the need to conduct a comprehensive review of the mission’s work mechanisms, which worked to marginalize political parties in Libya. They also called on political parties to have a fundamental role in any work carried out by the UN mission, and to be a participating party in any political process aimed at resolving the current political impasse in Libya.

The parties stressed that holding elections required a political preparation that would seriously address the causes of the conflict, stressing that the time has come to form a new, unified and mini-government that works according to clear tasks and a specific time frame to bring Libya to the stage of parliamentary and presidential elections.

They demanded that their letter addressed to the Secretarl General be presented to the members of the UN Security Council, expressing their hope for progress to hold the elections that Libyans aspire to.