In a joint letter addressed to the Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, 57 political parties demanded a decisive stance to hold free, fair and transparent elections in Libya, stressing that the UN mission has turned from a neutral tool to support the Libyan people, to one that serves the interests of those committed to remaining in power for a longer period.

The parties said the UN mission’s performance is losing its momentum and influence despite its modest attempts to find a way out of the political impasse, which has begun to cause dire consequences, adding that the Security Council failed to protect Libyan civilians for more than a full decade. 

"The Derna disaster has fueled feelings of anger among Libyans, Politicians in power are clinging to their positions despite their abject failure to achieve the will of the people to move to a stage of political stability through free, fair and transparent elections. Libyans are tired of those who exploit these conditions to tamper with the country’s resources and harness them to serve their narrow personal interests, not caring about the interests of the country. Foreign interference contributed to harming the interests and capabilities of the Libyan people, and blatantly compromising state sovereignty.” The parties added. 

They said that Libyans are looking forward to a decisive stance from the United Nations toward holding elections in accordance with clear consensual legislation, and to developing the role and performance of the UN mission to raise the level of performance in line with the magnitude of the challenges and to take advantage of the current climate of popular consolidation. They added that they were committed to working with the UN mission to facilitate the holding of the elections that are a demand of the Libyan people.