The Chief Justice of the Libyan Supreme Court, Mohammed Al-Hafi, announced Thursday the reactivation of the constitutional circuit court which has been suspended since 2016. 

Al-Hafi said in a video statement that the Supreme Court's General Assembly decided unanimously to reopen the constitutional circuit court, saying it promises all Libyans that it would remain unbiased and stick to the rule of law.

Politicians, jurists, and political parties have called for years to reactivate the constitutional circuit court so that it can decide on the authorities of current bodies, especially after some of them took advantage of each other and exploited certain political bodies due to the absence of the constitutional circuit court. Those bodies bypassed their constitutional duties and legislated laws to serve certain parties without considering the governing constitutional rules.

Commenting on the event, Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah welcomed the reactivation of the constitutional circuit court and wished it would prevent violations of some parties as well as the decisions that were made by some parties in violation of the political agreement and constitutional document.

The constitutional circuit court of the Supreme Court adjudicates cases and appeals of constitutional and legal aspects. It also specializes in adjudicating cases and disputes about laws, legislation and decisions issued by the executive and legislative authorities, as well as any violations or challenges to the constitutional declaration.